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Painting the inside of a home should be an easy job, but people generally find it is a lot harder than what they imagined. The reason for this difficulty is that people arepainting and decorating not aware of all the tools required to do the job properly. By learning about the tools required, people can have these on hand before they start to even consider what colour of paint to put on the walls.


An important consideration people need to make is what type of construction the walls are. While most people are used to drywall, they need to realize this is not the only type of material available for construction. So people need to evaluate their interior walls and make sure they know how to remove the old paint or wall paper to have a clean surface to paint on.


Scraping tools for drywall and stucco based walls is the first item people need to have. When people have the scrapping tools, they are generally able to get rid of the older paint and have a clean surface to work with. With wall paper, people need to use a wall paper remover tool to get rid of the wall paper. This will allow people to have a clean surface to work with, rather than having to paint over the wall paper.


Paint brushes of various sizes and bristle types should be the next supply people need. When people get a variety of brushes, they will find it allows people to find the right brush to fit in each corner, but also have a brush with bristles that is not going to leave any streaks. Something else people need to be mindful of is the paint brush needs to be looked at for the size to see how much surface area it will cover to complete the paint.


Paint roller brushes are a great option to have as well. While most people think a regular brush will be the best option, they need to realize when painting a ceiling it can be nearly impossible to do the work because of how they have to position themselves to get the work done. However, with the roller brushes, people will have an easier time in getting to enjoy the painting because it will allow them to stand on the ground and just roll the paint onto the ceiling.


A stirring stick may not be something people think they need, but if they do not feel like shaking the paint each time they need these sticks. These sticks allow people to get the paint stirred up from the bottom, but also get the separation removed from the paint. This in turn allows people to have an even colour of walls, rather than having a wall that is different shades of the same colour.

Hammers and a screwdriver may seem like an odd tool when people are painting, but these are needed to open and close each can. The screwdriver blade, flat blade, can be slipped under the lip of the can and driven into the can to pop up the lid. The hammer is needed to close the can back down and keep the paint from drying out or spilling overnight.


Ladders are an item needed for almost any home. While some homes have smaller ceilings, people still need to use a ladder to reach the corners. Without the ladder, people may not get the top part of their wall painted and this can easily lead to the home not looking right because the walls are not painted to the proper look people want to have.


Dust covers or cloths should be used for the floor, unless people want to replace their carpet as well. Old sheets work perfectly well if you do not have commercially manufactured covers. With these cloths, people can put the cover down on the floor where they are painting. Then they will have a chance to paint their ceilings or other areas, but people need to know more about these because it will protect their carpet from being damaged by dripping paint.


The paint is something else people need to have. While this is an obvious item, some people will try to use spray paint to paint the inside of their home. This is a major mistake because spray paint will not be distributed properly and not look right. However, people need to make sure they are considering the paint and colour that is available to guarantee people have the right paint.


Painting a home is a very time consuming job, but if people do not have the proper tools it can be a headache as well. This is when people may need to learn more about the tools they need to have to paint the inside of their home. Then people will be able to enjoy painting their home, even if it is a time consuming job.