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If you are interested in having an attractive home, you need to understand basic home interior design concepts and how to implement them into your decor. While this was once something that only the very wealthy could afford to hire professionals for, you can apply these concepts to your place for significantly less dough.

You see, there are some basic tenets that apply to all types of art. Interior decorating, like landscaping and many other things that go into making a home comfortable and attractive, are all works of art. When the various elements are brought together in the correct manner, the aesthetic value that is provided can be quite astounding.








Likewise, if the concepts that apply to art are used in correctly or even ignored, the results can be disastrous. When colours clash or do not have appropriate breaks, the decor of the room can scream at the person in the room rather than communicating a bold, strong message. This subtle difference can drastically influence how comfortable you and others feel in your home.

You might want to learn more about the design concepts that apply specifically to home decor before you start looking around at things that you want to purchase. Learning the basics will help.

For instance, when you are hanging photos on a wall, do you know the best number or way to do so? Should you use a large frame or several smaller ones? Knowing the choices and how to utilize them is essential.

Red modern design bedroomFind out also what colours are popular that will have staying power. Decorate your home in neutral colours and then use the trendy ones for your accent pieces. As the popular styles and colours change, you will have the ability to refresh your home decor without having to spend a great deal of money.

Look at websites and magazines in order to determine what you want to do for your home. Are you interested in creating a modern, elegant place to come home to at the end of the day? Perhaps you envision a more relaxed, down home feel to the place you retreat at the end of a hard workday.

Once you know what you want, decide which room you should start working on. Go from room to room, sprucing up the way your home looks.

However, you do not have to work on one room at a time. Instead, you might focus on a particular type of project. Paint each room in the home as one complete phase. Alternatively, fresh carpeting could constitute a phase as could adding fresh plants to the rooms.

No matter what it is that you want to do for your home interior design, you should make sure that you can afford your plans. Budgets are an essential part of home remodels and upgrades. Stick to yours if you want to have satisfaction with the design projects that you have decided to undertake for your home.


If you’re house proud and want to impress your guests, you may want to read on.

Some of the UK’s top interior designers have shared the most common décor disasters that they believe experts always notice but you may not.

From feature walls to the size of your rug, they’ve shared the top faux pas you’re making and how you can fix them.

Having a feature wall in every room

‘Please stop!, said Anne Haimes, who runs her own interior design business in Henley-on-Thames.

‘It’s over! Use the room’s attributes instead. If you’ve got a beautiful fireplace, let it talk, don’t strangle it with a feature wall around it.’

Overdoing the gilt

Anne also suggests slowing down on the gilt as it’s far too over the top for a family home.

‘It looks lovely in Versailles, but you need quite a lot of space to pull it off,’ she said.

‘Try and go for key pieces instead of going full on over-kill. Less is more!’

The size of your rug

‘Think of the scale of the furniture in relation to the rooms in your home,’ says Anne. ‘Stuffing bulky items into rooms will make them feel small and cramped and make you feel claustrophobic.’

Likewise, she says a tiny rug in a big room will just get lost and make you feel ‘a bit Alice and Wonderland.’

Be sure to think proportion and scale, which she admits is one of the hardest things to get right without experience.

Hanging pictures too high

‘This is not a job to do alone, you need someone to hold the picture on the wall so you can step away and fully take in the height and position,’ says Anne.

Matching everything

Another very common mistake people make is choosing too many matching pieces, according to Zoe Hartridge, Director of Design at New i.d Interiors.

‘This makes the scheme look boring and predictable,’ she claims. ‘Mix it up a little by pairing items that contrast and complement each other. This is unexpected and will look great and show character.’

Choosing your paint colour first

Anne believes that choosing your paint hue before you’ve selected the furnishing is a huge mistake.

‘Choose your furnishings and fabric first because selecting a paint colour to work with these is very much easier than doing the reverse,’ she said.  

Trying to copy an interiors magazine

‘So many people get caught up in trying to achieve the perfect look straight from an interiors magazine that they forget to inject any personality,’ said Anna Grace Davidson, International interior designer and founder of Anna Casa Interiors.

‘This will leave a space lacking warmth and character. Do you want your house to look like a plain hotel lobby or a welcoming home? Remember to reflect yourself along the design journey and you will end up with a home you love.’

Buying cheap materials and brand

Anna also believes that a very common mistake that people make when designing is thinking that they will save money by buying cheaper materials and brands.

‘These will only damage and fade more quickly and you will end up spending double the amount of money in replacing lower quality items,’ she warns.

‘Invest in your home – you will spend a good amount of time there for many years so it only makes sense to furnish it with good quality pieces that will stand the test of time.’