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Clean out all your cupboards. Prospective buyers do not really want to see all your things, they will get a better idea of what it would look like with their own things if the cupboards are empty or even just tidy. Declutter the whole house and remove all rubbish before allowing prospective buyers to come and have a look round. It is important to create an impression of space.

Make the atmosphere in your home feel comfortable when you are going to sell it. You will have to present an inviting environment to all possible purchasers, to give them the chance to imagine what the house would look like if it were theirs. Refresh the air by using lavender or roses, bake some bread or brew some coffee. A house that smells homely is far more likely to be attractive to prospective buyers than one that does not.

Do not be scared to speak up whenever you believe that your real estate expert just isn’t really giving your house adequate attention. Your representative is almost like an employee and should be willing to listen to what you want. To get your house sold quickly, the representative has to provide appropriate focus on it and the value of your house shouldn’t really make a difference.




Having a business attached to the property will usually increase the value however, such properties are quite rare and require specialist selling. Tidy out the garage so that it looks like a garage, most homeowners use their garages as a dumping ground for ‘stuff’ that would otherwise be either stored in the loft or chucked away. If you have a garden shed, give it a makeover so that it is neat and tidy and looks in good condition.

Take a good look at the fixtures and fittings inside your home. Paint rooms that are beginning to look shabby and if carpets or rugs are looking worn or smell unpleasant, get rid of them and buy new ones. Even cheap carpets or rugs will look better than any existing grubby old worn out carpets. Make sure the inside of your home looks clean, you really need to give it a thorough and deep clean so that all moveable furniture is moved and cleaned behind and underneath where it sits.

When you decide to list your home for sale, make sure you know what the price of similar homes in your local area are, this will help you offer your home for an attractive yet competitive price. You might even find that you get more interest if your price is slightly lower. This does not mean I am suggesting you will get less than the market value for your home, I am suggesting that you clearly assess what your property is worth by comparison to others in your area.

When pricing your home to sell, remember that it’s your decision to name your price, not that of your estate agent. You need to determine the cost to be able to be pleased with it. Your estate agent is there simply to make suggestions and guide you on what to do if your house does not sell. They are also there to promote your home to clients looking for that type of property.

To make the property even more attractive, try making some improvements on your bathrooms.  Numerous purchasers are looking for a nice-looking bathroom with clean working equipment. Consider laying floor tiles or buying a new shower. Now there are kits which you can buy that will really help you improve your bathrooms at a very good price, you needn’t spend a lot of money.

Whenever selling a property, only use an estate agent who will take very high quality photos of your home. Make sure there are lots of pictures of the inside of the property, so that people browsing the internet can have a virtual tour before choosing to visit it in person. As virtually every estate agent has a website so a lot of marketing will occur online and having lots of very good photos will make your home more attractive to those prospective buyers.

Your estate agent should pre qualify possible buyers to ensure they have the capability to purchase your home. Negotiating the selling of your house could be prolonged and time consuming. Among the most discouraging thing is to proceed through that entire procedure and find the buyer cannot get a home mortgage. Before spending time handling anybody, your real estate agent has to take time to ensure they are able to buy.

When you are selling your property, you need to be out when your estate agent brings people to view it. Seeing you and your family installed could be off putting for prospective buyers.

interiorModest household kitchen up-dates might improve the value and image of your property. You might consider changing one or two things within the kitchen, so something like a matching kettle and toaster could make it look better. Changing the cabinets is not really practical unless they are really ancient or broken so either a very thorough clean or paint them will make them look better.

Prior to offering your house for sale, particularly if you have pets and/or babies, you need to make sure that all unpleasant odours are removed. Nobody else wants to smell your pets or nappies when they come into your home when you offer it for sale. Having the carpets professionally cleaned can really help with household smells.

Finally, make sure that your garden and driveway are attractive, neat and tidy with no overgrown shrubs, lawns and so on. Make sure that garden walls or fencing is in good condition, replace or repair where necessary. Keep the lawns cut so that they look neat and tidy. Placing a few containers with flowers can really lift a property and remember that if the outside looks shabby, people might assume the inside is the same.