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Decorating a house is a good opportunity to unleash your creativity and choose a style that represents you, your values and your personality. All rooms are important, but some of them have a special meaning that makes them enjoy more attention from homeowners and interior decorators. The master bedroom is one of these very important rooms, the main reason being that it is supposed to be the most relaxing place in the house, an oasis of calm and peace, an intimate and cosy retreat where you can enjoy life and forget all your worries and problems.






The best tip to consider when decorating your master bedroom is to avoid cluttering it with closets, dressers and shoe boxes. You need to create a warm and inviting space rather than a storage room for all your clothes and laundry. Try to keep the furniture to a minimum, so that the bed becomes the main focus.

The colours that you choose are very important, as they can influence your mood. Ideally, you should choose shades of blue, white or pale green. You need to avoid red, purple, orange and other such colours that are too energetic for a slumber space. As a matter of fact, the best choice is a mix of white and blue, with some splashes of other colour to add some interest.

Big blank walls aren’t a good idea, as they make rooms feel empty. This is not what you want from your master bedroom, so you could use some artwork, should you need to fill a large wall. Paintings and photos are excellent for creating the atmosphere you want. You can choose your favourite subjects such as forest paths, pristine beaches and vibrant cities. Black and white pieces of artwork can also look exquisite and stylish. Choose your art to complement the colours on the walls.

Bedroom interior designWindow treatments should be the next on your list, You have to choose something that enables you to darken the room even during very bright days, should you be willing to take a nap in the afternoon. However, if your windows aren’t that large, you may want to consider sheer curtains instead of heavy curtains or blinds, as they can make the room appear bigger and brighter. Blackout curtains can be very useful for windows that face east, especially in northern regions where sunrise is in the middle of the night.

Accessories are more than welcome, so you should choose them carefully, as they can help you create the perfect master bedroom decor. Mix and match throw pillows, bedding, shades, lamps and candles, in order to create a relaxing effect, without giving up the glamour of modern decor items. A few antiques could also contribute to the overall look and feel of your bedroom. However, if you pick modern, minimalist furniture, made from stainless steel and leather, antiques may not really fit into this scheme.

If you aren’t sure about all these, you can always hire an interior decorator to give you a few creative ideas, or even to help you decorate your master bedroom in an elegant and comfortable way. Alternatively, you can buy some interior decor magazines and study them carefully, as they may contain brilliant ideas to help you choose the perfect look.