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While there are a number of free as well as paid software options available in the market today for drawing floor plans, there are very few options that come close to the

copyright Metropix

copyright Metropix

features and upgrades available with Metropix. It is one of the most used software by real estate agents who like to use it show 3D floor plans to the clients. It has been proven that three-dimensional floor plans help in making more sales. The floor plans allow buyers to visualize the property and help them in making informed decision.

One of the biggest advantages of this software is that you do not need to know drawing or have any technical knowledge to use it. It is extremely easy to use. Seeing a fourth floor plan has a positive effect on the buyers as many people are unable to visualize the proper structure of a property from a two-dimensional sketch. On the other hand, a three-dimensional floor plan with elevations helps the buyers in visualizing the property.

Metropix gives a number of options including drawing your own professional floor plan within minutes with the help of its intuitive drag and drop drawing system. The software makes it easy to create new rooms with just click of a button. Other features include using icons to put doors and windows into place. In addition to drawing your floor plan, it also offers the option of using Planbank.

Planbank is a collection of thousands of floor plans to be used as templates. These templates save a lot of time. They also offer the option of Autodraw. In this option, you can sketch a floor plan on your own and send it to the designers who will then convert it into a professional floor plan. You have the option of either uploading your sketch or faxing it.

A finished floor plan is returned to the account within 24 hours of the upload. As far as the price of using this option is concerned, it is extremely affordable at just £5.95 with subscription. Also, all the amendments are made immediately without any delays.







They also offer various upgrades to their classic floor plan option. For instance, you can have fully coloured floor plans as well as an interactive experience for the buyers by combining floor plans with photographs. They also offer a space planner option which is a value-added service that allows buyers to drag and drop pieces of furniture into the floor plans to help them visualize the complete arrangement of furniture.

In addition to this, they also have a number of other options such as three-dimensional floor plans that creates a hyper realistic three-dimensional model of the whole property.

Another big advantage of this floor plan software is that there is no software to download as everything is done online. You can purchase either the standard subscription or the premium subscription. The premium subscription allows you access to all the features of standard subscription and free upgrade to three-dimensional floor plans and various other features.

Overall, a three-dimensional floor plan can help real estate agents in showing property in detail to the potential buyers. This software is available at a great price and since there is nothing to download, the user can access this from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection. In simple terms, Metropix helps in making the most of your home.