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Good quality wood tables need to be properly looked after if they are to remain looking their best and increase their longevity. With regular cleaning and polishing you can control marks, stains and scratches before they deteriorate into a larger problem. High quality wood furniture is beautiful and will have cost a good deal of money to buy, so it is in your own interests to look after it well.







The first thing you should do is to dust the wood regularly. You might think that wood attracts dust but this is not the case, the dust just happens to settle on the wood and it will gather quickly if not removed on a regular basis. Just use a dry duster or one of those new cloths that attract dust and wipe over the surfaces of the table. You may not remove all the marks or stains just with dusting so it is a good idea to use a damp cloth with warm soapy water. There are proper wood soaps available on the market and it might be worth your while investing in one of those, however, regular hand soap mixed with water will suffice. If there are water spots on your table, a good tip is to use proper mayonnaise on them. Rub the mayonnaise onto the water spots with a soft cloth and they should disappear. If there are rings from tea or coffee mugs on the table, a mixture of cigarette ash and cooking oil rubbed in will get rid of the marks. If they are particularly stubborn, you may have to gently sand the ring with fine sandpaper before rubbing the ash and oil mixture in. Candle wax can be a real eye sore on wood but there is very neat trick to removing it safely. All you need is ice, place the ice on the wax and allow the wax to harden and go brittle then you can carefully use a plastic spatula to scrape it off.


wood-table-xsOf course prevention is better than cure and you should make sure that your wooden table is not in direct sunlight or beside a heater as both will damage the wood and dry it out which could make it warp. Be aware of humidity as well, wooden furniture does not do well in high humidity as it will expand with the moisture and then dry out when it is less humid. Lay coasters out on the table so that cups and mugs can be placed on them rather than directly onto the wood. Choose coasters that have felt or cork on the underside to avoid scratching the surface of the table.


Always use a good quality wax polish on the wood, do not use a silicone or alcohol based spray polish as this will just dry the wood out and could actually damage the surface. There are many high quality specialist wood polishes available, many contain bees wax and these will protect the wood and keep it looking beautiful. Wax polishes come in different shades and you would be advised to choose one that closely matches the colour of the wood as a dark wax could stain your light coloured wood. If you look after your wooden table, it will last for many years and still look good.