Bathrooms are by their very nature, warm and damp places so it is important that when you decorate that you use suitable materials that are designed for bathrooms. Bathroom tiles look fantastic when they are newly installed however, over time the grouting can begin to look a bit grubby or mouldy and it really spoils the look. Do not despair, the grouting can be cleaned and this will restore it to its former glory.



If your tiles are cleaned regularly they will remain looking smart for a good long time but even the most diligent cleaner will notice the odd speckle or stain that does not come out with regular cleaning. Unfortunately if these are left, they will become worse and spread. Mildew and mould are common problems in the tile grout and if left for a long time, can become an impossible task to clean. There are many bathroom cleaning products that are suitable for cleaning the grout but do take a little time to read the blurb on the bottle to make sure. Before you begin cleaning, open the windows so that you have good airflow. Use a stiff bristle brush, a nail scrubbing brush or even an old tooth brush is ideal. It is best not to use a sponge or a cloth as these will just wipe the surface and not remove all the mould. Make sure you wear a pair of household rubber gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals in the cleaner.


Of course you may prefer not to use chemical cleaners at all and there is a marvellous old fashioned remedy for you and that is bicarbonate of soda. Just mix the bathroompowder with a little bit of water so that you have a paste, then apply the paste to the brush and begin. Whether you use the chemical bathroom cleaner or the soda bic, try not to be too vigorous in your scrubbing action, after all, you do not want to remove the grouting! Work on small areas at a time so that you get each section completely clean before moving onto the next one. Remember to rinse well with plenty of hot water whether you are using a proprietary cleaner or the bicarbonate of soda.


When you have finished cleaning the tile grout, you might consider giving it a wipe over with a mild bleach solution which will kill off any bacteria or mould spores which may have been left. Doing this will keep your grouting cleaner for a bit longer and make it more difficult for the mildew and mould to take hold again. It is a time consuming job but is well worth the effort and let’s face it, it’s better than having to re-grout the whole tiled area.





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