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A house is not just a place that allows people to live in safety and comfort, it is also a place that welcomes friends and family to enjoy the warmth of a home. This is the difference between a house and a home – that feeling of warmth and comfort. And when the evenings draw in and the temperature drops there is no better way to provide that welcoming feeling for members of the family or visitors than to have a fireplace that creates not only warmth – but also a welcoming ambiance. But not all drawing rooms have that fireplace. So how do you about creating one?

There are a couple of options – do it yourself or find a professional who can do it for you.

The best option is to find someone who acutely knows what they are doing and there a couple of reasons for this. Fireplaces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and ways to operate.

The traditional open fire uses wood or coal (charcoal in this time and age) and that is messy and time consuming to keep burning. It does however provide heat and ambiance to any drawing room that is difficult to match. The sheer beauty of the flames of an open fire is difficult to match.

However, there are alternatives to that natural coal and wood fire that will still supply both the warmth and ambiance to any drawing room. The latest gas fires are a simple and cost effective way to warm any space -including that drawing room. They are easy to install and incredibly easy to operate. The latest versions of these fires are also safe to operate. They do not require a chimney and so are ideal for new houses. These are a great option for those people who are either building or buying a new home.

Of course there is the traditional approach as mentioned. The idea of the wood burning stove and a drawing room with that warmth has its attractions. However the pleasure of that wood burning fire is not without its distractions.

It requires maintenance and continued feeding with wood or charcoal. The mess and maintenance may not be to everyone’s satisfaction. It can also be a hazard to those families with children or pets.

A fire also requires a fireplace and surround to enhance the room and also provide safety from sparks. A bespoke fireplace would be my first choice but not everyone can afford to have a craftsman build one for them. There are many ‘off the shelf’ fireplaces and surrounds that are beautiful as well as functional. Materials used in the construction of fireplaces and surrounds tend to be fireproof and hardwearing, so things like brick, stone and quarry tiles are suitable. Metal such as steel can enhance the fireplace, Rapid Metals have got a wide selection of suitable metals that could be used.

A drawing room fireplace is something that completes a home. It is a feature that simply makes a home into a house – a feature that completes any living space. It is not just something that fills a space, it turns that space into a vital, warm heart of a home. It turns it into what all homes should be – a place of refuge from the cold world.