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When setting up a conference room for professional use, there are many things to take into consideration. Each conference room is going to have its differences, size being one of them and others having to do with the business niche and the specific needs of each meeting. However, there are certain mainstays and ‘focus forward’ tips for setting up a conference room that exudes professionalism, provides a welcoming environment and gives event planners all the tools required for a successful meeting.




You can spot an outdated conference room pretty easy these days. If there is an outdated overhead machine and a simple dry erase board or similar, then the venue could use a technological update. Take a look at the speaker system, is it modern and in full working order? Does it cover the entire room so that everyone can hear

copyright Burgess Furniture

copyright Burgess Furniture

what is being said. Make sure that you always, always have a back-up plan when it comes to your presentation. Back-up pocket projectors are always a helpful tool to have on hand.


If you are bringing your computer for a conference room presentation, are there are lots of wires involved? Everything is going wireless these days and it’s so much better when you can more easily connect without all those wires trailing around, which can in fact be a real hazard if you get caught up in them. One way you can go mobile and provide for easy display of content to all people in the conference room is by utilizing Chromecast.


Using Chromecast isn’t just easier when it comes to setup, but it’s easier when organizing documents for sharing as well. Anything you can do to make it easier for the professionals who are going to be using your conference room is great.


Comfortable Setup


When setting up a conference room, you want everyone to be comfortable. While your conference venue might serve a particular group of people most often, you have to think about the fact that not everyone is going to be using the room in the same way and for the same purpose. Comfortable chairs are a must on all accounts, but you don’t want to put people in recliners so that they fall asleep. Opt for chairs that are comfortable but that keep people interactive and attentive.


Have you ever been in a large conference room and not been able to get a good view of what’s going on? Perhaps it’s difficult to take notes, or maybe you can’t really hear everything or see the demonstration at the front. Remember to have a high-quality audio system with speakers throughout the room. Now, when it comes to getting a good view of everything going on during the conference, you need to think about lighting, the setup of the tables and chairs and make sure that there is a bit of space between tables and chairs so that people can move around. But, you can also get very innovative!


Say you’re using a projection system at the front or a dry erase board and you’re starting to feel like you’re losing some people at the back of the room. You’ve been there yourself, at a conference or lecture and it seems like it’s the same boring hum-drum activities. That doesn’t have to be the case, you can get creative.


Now imagine instead of continuing from the front, you move to a side wall as you’re making a huge point that you want to get everyone excited about. Using dry erase paint, you begin to write on the wall, shocking everyone in a sense. You have their attention, you’re now in the middle of them, and you are giving them the rundown in a very innovative way that everyone can see. Setting up a dry erase paint wall is always a hit with modern day conference rooms.




When setting up smaller conference rooms inside businesses and corporations, it’s all about the luxuries and amenities you have available for participants. Do you have a serving area set up for coffee, tea and other refreshments. It is important to include breaks in your itinerary so that everyone gets a chance to walk around, freshen up and have a hot or cold drink.


Not only is technology, sound and various other amenities important, but you also want the lighting to be just right. If there is a stage in the conference room, this means that the room is probably quite large and you’re going to need to focus on stage lighting. You needn’t have a spotlight but the speaker needs to be clearly seen from all parts of the room.


Lastly, there are different types of conference room setups for you to consider. For example, you can have the room set up in a ‘U’ shape. A traditional ‘conference style’ room would have all the chairs around a large table. Or, you can have the room set up classroom style or any other number of ways when it comes to seating, it all depends upon the type of conference that is being run.


However you plan to set up your conference room is no doubt going to have much to do with what goes on behind closed doors. Using our advice should help you focus on what can do to make your conference room a more effective meeting place for all the professionals involved.